The Left has gotten so desperate, they're even calling for investigations of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke over what kind of socks he was wearing.

Despite all the phony calls for investigations by dark-money extremist groups, Kimberly Strassel has this for the Wall Street Journal: They Won't Sink Zinke

Here's an excerpt from her column:

And there is respect—internally, in Congress, and at the state level—for his reform program, which has been sweeping. The department has been leading the way on swifter, smarter timelines for environmental analyses and permitting. It is tackling the failed Endangered Species Act, jump-starting oil and gas development on federal lands, making sure public lands are once again for “public use” by all, and working to cut an enormous maintenance backlog in the national parks.

All of this is why he will continue as the environmental left’s top target—they despise any plan that envisions our public lands for “the benefit and enjoyment of the people” ( Teddy Roosevelt’s words at Yellowstone). Expect to see more headlines suggesting Mr. Zinke is corrupt. But know that those headlines don’t come via fact or reason or policy debate.


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