The officials looked the other way. And good on them for doing so.

Our friend and Montana sportscaster Rocky Erickson was in the arena Friday night as the Montana High School Association cancelled the state basketball tournaments due to coronavirus concerns. Earlier in the day, the state confirmed the first four presumptive positive cases in Montana.

It was 9:01 PM on Friday night when Rocky got the email. It was halftime. He was in the middle of a break. He got the word that the tournament would be cancelled. When the high school association made the announcement that the rest of the tournament was cancelled, there were a lot of boos.

Despite the disappointing news, Rocky talked about the resilience and the positive attitude among the student athletes. About 30 minutes after the games were cancelled, Rocky witnessed a great moment with the players and one of the officials. (It's actually against the rules for the kids to cut down the nets after the big game)

Listen to Rocky describe it in his own words below:



Featured below: Rocky Erickson along with Billings West High twins Maddie and Willa Albrecht.

Credit Rocky Erickson
Credit Rocky Erickson


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