What if your employer is forcing you to wear masks? What if you're employer is trying to force you to be vaccinated? Those are the questions I am hearing from a lot of Montanans.

I reached out to Rep. Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan) for answers, as she authored a key piece of legislation during Montana's recent legislative session- House Bill 702, which was signed into law by Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT).

What if my employer is forcing me to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Rep. Carlson had some very straightforward answers. First, she says to simply talk to your employer. Let them know that requiring the vaccine of their employees is against state law. What if that doesn't work? Do you call a lawyer and file a lawsuit? Before going as far as filing a lawsuit, she says Montanans can simply file a complaint before the Montana Human Rights Bureau.

Carlson: The flagship bill that was able to be signed was House Bill 702, which has a very simple title- it prohibits discrimination based on a person's vaccination status, or possession of immunity passport. And so, what this bill specifically does is it protects your right to privacy and your medical decisions, and it prohibits your government entities, your employers and your public accommodations from requiring you to have any vaccine to access their services. It's pretty, it's a pretty strong law compared to what other states have been able to get through this session and Montanans can be glad that their their rights to that medical choice is now protected in Montana.

What about employers requiring masks? That gets more complicated. Click below for the full audio with Rep. Carlson on our podcast.

We also spoke with Governor Greg Gianforte in another segment on our podcast.

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