The much anticipated House Bill 258 pushing back on any new federal gun bans or gun control laws has officially been signed into law. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) signed the measure Friday morning, and is already getting national attention.

HB 258, sponsored by Rep. Jedediah Hinkle (R-Belgrade) is the bill that would basically authorize the State of Montana, and law enforcement officers in the state, to ignore any new gun control laws on the books.

Gary Marbut with the Montana Shootings Sports Assocation hailed the passage of HB 258, noting that it has "an immediate effective date so it is now law in Montana."

HB 258 prohibits state and local government employees from enforcing or assisting to enforce any new federal gun laws, executive orders, rules, or regulation that affect firearms or accessories and that may become effective after January 1, 2021.

Marbut says with the passage of HB 102 earlier in the session, and now with HB 258 being signed into law, the MSSA has gotten 70 gun-rights bills signed into law.

Governor Gianforte celebrated passage of HB 258:

Today, I proudly signed Rep. Hinkle's law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms. I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms.

According to Fox News, similar legislation made it across the finish line in at least a couple other states.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a similar law earlier this month. In Oklahoma, a bill that would designate that state as a Second Amendment "Sanctuary State" is headed for Gov. Kevin Stitt's desk. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed a similar measure Friday, saying it would jeopardize law enforcement and the public.

I'd imagine the voters in Arkansas will look forward to seeing Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the governor's office soon.



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