For the record, Montana State University is NOT requiring masks on campus this fall. They may want you to wear a mask. They may even tell you that you need a mask. But you are not required to wear a mask on campus. (And that's a good thing.)

I saw a tweet on Tuesday from a Montana PBS reporter stating that "Montana State University will require all students, staff, faculty and visitors to wear masks in indoor spaces until Oct. 1."

Now, you can forgive the reporter for assuming that masks would be required because the communication that she received from MSU President Waded Cruzado talked about students, staff, and faculty needing to wear masks this fall. However, Pres. Cruzado also specifically mentioned that she did not use the terms mandate nor require.

That being said, the statement from Pres. Cruzado nonetheless seems very discriminatory and it makes you wonder if students and staff who choose not to wear the masks will be treated fairly by the administration or a left-wing professor. Click here to read the message for yourself.

Masks were required last year on campus and in Gallatin County, and they still saw a spike in cases.

The Montana Television Network was quick to correct this information on Tuesday night, noting that Cruzado did not issue a mask mandate, adding:

My strong appeal to all of us as members of the same community is that we do this together because it is needed -- not because it is mandated or required.

So there you go. You can breathe freely. If you so choose.

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