1. My eyesight is failing

A couple of years ago I went to the eye doctor to get my once-a-decade eye test out of the way. I had gone from my usual 20/10 vision down to 20/15. This was still good news to me. I can see from 20 feet what most people have to be at 15 to see. Then the doctor gives me some news. "Just so you know, when your far sight is this good, it typically means your near sight will start to get worse about the time you turn 40." Yeah right - what does this guy know? I've got eagle eyes.

Well, today, a little more than a month away from my 40th birthday, I notice myself squinting to read the computer screen. Either this doctor has voodooed me in some way, or it is typical for body parts to start downhill at 40.

    1. My bones are noisy

I notice this mostly at night. My daughter sleeps in her room with her door open and I always try to be quiet as I sneak into the kitchen, but my knees sound like a crackling campfire.

    1. Grey hairs are coming in bunches

No more random, lone grey hairs. Now they attack in droves.

    1. People in their mid 20's look like high school kids

I'm not sure if we just looked older back in my high school days or what, but I've been helped at the bank by people who I would have guessed were somewhere between 15 and 16 years old.

    1. I no longer seem to care about what people think of me

The other day I was reading about bicycle engines. You can throw an engine on a bicycle, go 30 miles an hour, not have to worry about insurance or registration and get more than 150 miles per gallon. Apparently I have reached the age where I would actually ride a motorized bicycle with no fear of ridicule.

I've still got a month of my 30's left. I will likely turn 40 with a pair of glasses on. Hopefully no other body parts stop working anytime soon.

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