Price Of Milk Rises, Potentially Raises Cost Of Cheese And Pizza
Getty Images: Joe Raedle

A tense exchange between two families sharing the party space at Godfather’s Pizza erupted into a brawl Tuesday night that ended with one woman hospitalized and another in jail.  Billings Police Department Sgt. Jason Gartner said around five officers responded to Godfather’s Pizza at 905 Main St. at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night on the report of a roughly 15-person brawl in the restaurant.

Gartner said the families were somehow acquainted and were both having separate birthday parties in the same area when “an argument between a couple of females began.”
By the time BPD arrived, Gartner said the fight was pretty much finished. One woman who had been punched in the head had to be transported to an area hospital, and another was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Gartner said BPD is not issuing names at this point and that the investigation is ongoing. Both sides blamed the other for instigating the brawl.

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