This is a crazy story out of Pennsylvania which shows you just how politicized the Justice Department and the FBI has become under the Biden Administration.

A pro-life Catholic father of 7 was peacefully protesting an abortion clinic when a pro-abortion activist got into the face of his 12 year old son. The dad, to protect his son, shoved the activist out of his kid's face.

You'd think the guy who got in the face of a little kid would be the one facing charges. Nope. They're going after the dad for protecting his son. Even though local prosecutors declined to prosecute the dad, the Biden Administration is further weaponizing federal law enforcement agencies to go after their political opponents.(h/t The Federalist)

As the Catholic News Agency reports, Senators like Montana's Steve Daines (R-MT) and Missouri's Josh Hawley (R-MO) are now demanding answers.

Here's what Senator Daines told me Wednesday morning:

Aaron Flint: The last time you and I caught up it was shortly after Joe Biden's creepy, eery speech- his really dangerous, divisive speech where he was trashing MAGA Republicans, the 74 million Trump supporters across America. But now we've seen the increased weaponization of this federal government against the American people. What have there been now 16, 17 different arson attacks on on pro life pregnancy clinics across the country? And I don't think we've heard about one arrest there yet. Yet there's this this case, I think out of Pennsylvania, where a pro life activist father, this pro abortion activist basically got in the face of his 12 year old son and caused this altercation but now the FBI is going after the dad. They basically showed up with over a dozen armed agents outside of his home and I know you and Senator Josh Hawley are asking, demanding some answers here.

Steve Daines: We've joined forces with Congressman Chip Roy in the house. The FBI's treatment of this pro life leader, his name is Mark Houck is chilling. Instead of allowing for local resolution of the dispute, the FBI nationalized the matter. They use excessive force SWAT style tactics with an early morning raid at gunpoint in his home in front of his young children. We're demanding answers- what is going on. At the same time, you've got these pro abortion activists who are literally creating violent acts against crisis pregnancy centers. And they're doing the Lord's work- those crisis pregnancy centers across our country, helping young women who are scared they're looking for compassion. That's what they do every day and they have these pro abortionists going after them violently. And then on the other hand, we've got a pro life leader where the FBI uses excessive force to take him. This is outrageous, and we're asking for answers.

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