My dad has taught me a lot over the years.  He's still better than I am at pretty much all of it, but the basic "dad skill" I have, I owe to him.  Apparently, these little things I take for granted are on the decline across the country.  However, this isn't supposed to be a slam on all of the young dads out there; a lot of it has to do with the fact that the world has gotten more complex and many things that used to be basic tasks, now require professional support.  Still, there are some shocking things I learned in this article on the New York post:

  • Almost half of millennial-aged dads can't change a tire
  • Almost half of millennial-aged dads can't reset a tripped circuit breaker
  • Almost 1/3 don't own a hammer
  • About 37 percent don't know how to jumpstart a car

To be fair, I've had to look in the owner's manual on a couple of newer cars to figure out where to attach jumper cables.  The article is worth a read, but dads of this generation may be passing on a different set of skills to their how to choose the best technician based on reviews.

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