With Fathers Day coming up soon, that's what I'm talking about today.

My daughter is in Drivers' Ed right now, so we've been going on a lot of drives with her behind the wheel. It has brought back so many memories of when I was learning to drive. Dad made sure I was competent behind the wheel.

And was pretty strict about having somebody in the car with me before I had my license. The only exception was if he needed cigarettes. Then I could drive alone.

My dad (as do most Wilsons) fancied himself a race car driver. He taught me things like how to anticipate the traffic lights so you got the jump on the guy next to you who had been revving his engine, begging for a second-place finish.

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson
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It's funny how clearly I remember the day that I got my license. Dad was driving. And we started to head south out of Great Falls on the interstate. I asked where we were going. He gave that sly grin and said "Wolf Creek Canyon. I'm gonna show you some things that they don't cover in Driver's Ed". And he did.

Of course, I miss him now that he's gone. But I feel fortunate that my daughter got to know him. And it makes me want to be the best dad that I can be.

I appreciate it when I see other parents doing things with their kids. If I see a dad golfing with his kid, I make sure to tell them that they are being a good dad.

But they're not the greatest dad. That title is mine. I know, because I have the coffee cup.

If you still have your dad, I hope you see him this Father's Day.

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