So NBC news created a website for people to repent with their "climate confessions." Meanwhile, Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang said on an MSNBC climate forum that he wants to tax cow farts. All this, as activists in Missoula are trying to stage a week-long climate strike for kids to skip school.

So we wanted to hear from you. What are your "climate sins?"

I drive a diesel pickup when I head out to the Beartooths for the weekend. That was the "climate sin" a young woman from Bozeman confessed. "If eating a steak in Montana is wrong, I don't wanna be right." That's what Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had to say during a live interview ahead of his weekend visit to Montana.

For those of you who missed Friday's statewide hour of Montana Talks- we had our "climate confessional." That's right, I may not be an ordained minister- heck I don't even have the online degree- but Montanans all across the state were able to call in and confess their climate sins. Listen to some of the highlights below:

David in Livingston also sent me this email after the show:

Forgive me, Aaron, for I am greatest among the climate sinners.  I am a woodworker.  I take trees and build furniture for all those greedy capitalists.  Not only that, I use my fossil-fuel rig powered by non-ethanol Premium gas to take my wood off cuts into the woods for camping and burn them, releasing carbon in the atmosphere.  Not only that, I cook my steaks, burgers, and bacon over that fire.  I am such a sinner at this point, I should be thankful that the environmentalists will not burn me at the stake and release even more carbon in the atmosphere.

Kevin in Belgrade made this point via email:

I repent my climate sin confessional as just breathing air.

Which leads me to my conclusion: If you don't like this post, don't say a word. Your very existence is a climate sin.

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