A Montana pastor and real estate agent is now being targeted for his Christian beliefs and faces a $5,000 fine by the realtors association in Missoula, Montana. This, as Montana lawmakers sign onto a bill being referred to as "Brandon's Law" to protect realtors like Pastor Brandon Huber.

I caught up with Matthew Monforton, Pastor Brandon's attorney, on Friday morning:

Monforton: The realtors had a so called ethics hearing last week in Missoula in which they found Pastor Brandon guilty of hate speech for voicing his religious objections to the LGBTQ agenda. And as you just pointed out, anyone who declares the Bible to be hate speech is the real bigot. Now he's facing a $5,000 fine, which is the maximum they can they can slap on any realtor, and he's required to take a diversity reeducation camp. And we've made it clear- these bigoted realtors can take their their $5,000 fine, and their diversity reeducation camp and they can shove it up their asses. We're not going to comply.

It's worth pointing out that Pastor Brandon did not say anything discriminatory. He's also not being targeted for anything he said or did in his capacity as a real estate agent. They're targeting him because he withdrew from a Missoula Food Bank program that was promoting the LGBTQ agenda. Pastor Brandon and his church are still supplying meals to needy families, they're just not doing it through the food bank.

Monforton says lawmakers are now seeking additional support from a bill that will be proposed in the upcoming legislative session.

Monforton: What it does is it would give realtors the right to have access to the MLS system, which is essential if you're going to be in business as a realtor, without being forced to join these woke Christian-hating realtor groups like the one in Missoula. It would make it basically an antitrust violation for these work groups to force Christian realtors to join up. So it's a simple rule. There's several states in this country that have already enacted it and Senator Keith Regier, Senator Carl Glimm, and Rep. Brad Tschida have sponsored a similar statute here in Montana.

Monforton says the public needs to call their local legislators and legislative candidates and get them to commit to the bill. Here is a link to what is being referred to as "Brandon's Law."

Full audio with Matthew Monforton:


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