Residents of Billings School District 2, with children under 5 years of age not already in Kindergarten, can receive a free "preschool screening."

Technicians will conduct speech, vision, hearing, thinking skills and motor development tests at Rimrock Learning Center 2802 13th Street West on Friday, February 15.

In a survey of statistics on The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) website, the following figures were reported:

  • Among children who have a voice, speech, language, or swallowing disorder, 34 percent of those ages 3-10 have multiple communication or swallowing disorders, while 25.4 percent of those ages 11-17 have multiple disorders.1

  • Boys ages 3-17 are more likely than girls to have a voice, speech, language, or swallowing disorder (9.6 percent compared to 5.7 percent).1

  • The prevalence of voice, speech, language, or swallowing disorders is highest among children ages 3-6 (11.0 percent), compared to children ages 7-10 (9.3 percent), and children ages 11-17 (4.9 percent).1

  • Nearly one in 10, or 9.6 percent, of black children (ages 3-17) has a voice, speech, language, or swallowing disorder, compared to 7.8 percent of white children and 6.9 percent of Hispanic children.1

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about these complimentary screenings, call 406-601-1800.

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