Check out that bull elk. It's a great photo in itself. But the fact that the elk was shot on 9-11 by a wounded warrior who has served several tours in Afghanistan makes it even better.

Mac Minard with the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA) shared the above photo with us. MOGA sponsors the Big Hearts Under the Big Sky program which provides guided hunting opportunities for our great veterans.

After having served several deployments in Afghanistan Brian was wounded. It is fitting that this morning he connected with this terrific trophy. Congratulations Brian! Thank to Outfitter Chris Faber and his team at Montana Outfitting Company.

Mac tells us that Brian was joined on the trip by his brother Jesse and his Uncle Dan. Brian was nominated to the Big Hearts under the Big Sky program in recognition of his extraordinary service to our nation and the consequences of his decision to serve.

Here's more info about the Big Hearts Under the Big Sky Program from the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association:

Big Hearts Under the Big Sky is a service organization that provides high-quality therapeutic outdoor adventures—all at no cost—to those who have provided extraordinary services to our country and children who face life-threatening illnesses. Through this program, Big Hearts matches deserving participants with member outfitters to give them a healing, uplifting and memory-making trip in the heart of Montana.



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