Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) has been consistent when it comes to spending on Ukraine. Why would we ship money overseas to defend the borders of another country, while our own border goes unprotected? Meanwhile, a flood of illegal aliens are pouring into the US, fueling a drug crisis even right here in Montana.

Billings financial advisor Gary Buchanan says that Rosendale is embarrassing Montana by opposing aid for Ukraine, and is now gathering signatures to show up on the ballot as an Independent candidate during the November election. He joined us on the radio to talk about his campaign.

Buchanan is the co-owner of Buchanan Capital in Billings. He got his start in politics working for former Gov. Ted Schwinden (D-MT) back in the 1980s, and has donated to several major Democrat campaigns and officials. So why not run as a Democrat?

Buchanan: When I found that there was no moderate voice in the Republican Party and that the Democrats had gone way too far, primarily at the national level, with Build Back Better and the circular firing squad the national Democratic Party has become. I think there's an eight lane highway down the middle of Montana politics. As I go door to door and talk to people they're disgusted with the state of partisan politics...

During our conversation, Buchanan mentioned his support for more restrictions on semi-automatic rifles like AR-15's. He also mentioned his opposition to Montana's vaccine freedom law which prevents employers from forcing their employees to get vaccinated, particularly for COVID-19.

Buchanan touted the endorsement he received from former Gov. Marc Racicot (R-MT) and failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Brown, both of whom stated publicly that they supported Joe Biden for president.

Aaron Flint: Did you support Joe Biden? If it came down to Trump or Biden again who would you support?
Gary Buchanan: Well, I'll tell you something that's really interesting. I did vote for Biden in the end. But there's a poll out this last week by Harvard University that says if Biden and Trump run against each other, that 58% of Americans would support an independent. That's remarkable to me. I hope to not see that race. I hope both parties come up with new candidates.

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