Remember the Bud Light Super Bowl commercials? You know- the ones where Bud Light tried picking a fight with Miller Light and Coors Light over corn syrup.

Well, that prompted a backlash from the nation's corn farmers, and now Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue is jumping into the bar fight also.

As Politico reports, Perdue had this to say at the Commodity Classic down in Orlando:

AG SECRETARY SONNY PERDUE telling farmers on Friday at the 2019 Commodity Classic in Orlando: “I don’t know if you all watched the Super Bowl at all, but there was a commercial on there and talking about some products some of you corn growers may have produced. And they [Bud Light] don’t use it anymore. Well guess what? I don’t use theirs [Bud Light] anymore either.” The audience applauded. Audio

Coors also wanted to send a big message during the Commodity Classic, according to

"We're proud of our ingredients … and the farmers who grow them," says a large floor sign showing a combine in a corn field, the Coors signature snow-capped mountains, and a Coors Light can.

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