That's not the reason why.

The fact that places like Cabela's and Scheels sell guns is not the reason why a female-identifying transgender suspect with mental illness went into a school and killed three children and three adults. If those guns are the reason why people kill others, there would be 300 million murders every year. By the way, we don't know yet if the pistol that this person had on them was used in the killings. Until we face the reality of why and try to fix it, it will never stop.

32 people die every day in the United States from drunk drivers. 32. If we would just ban alcohol or automobiles we could solve that problem, right?

Did you know that over 10 million animals are abused and die every year in the U.S.? Just think, if we would just eliminate pet stores and breeders in this country we could stop that.

The proof you need to know that it is not the guns is the fact that there are 200 million responsible gun owners that don't misuse weapons. We have to address the mental problems and backgrounds and medical and family histories of all of these rare people that commit these atrocities to find out what makes them snap. That is the answer.

What are these people void of in their life? Good parents, faith, a solid family, a good education, stability, and structure as a child? Did they suffer a traumatic experience as a child or some other kind of abuse? That's where you will find the answer to why, not in any gun store in America.

Hey God, this country could sure use some help right now...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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