So now they say it will take four...

Pfizer was cleared this week by the Food and Drug Administration to recommend now a fourth vaccine booster to help fight COVID-19. Now we could go back and watch the video of Joe Biden telling Americans that if you just get the vaccine, the first one, we can stop COVID. You won't get it and you can't spread it.

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Months later I told you you could still get it and still spread it and people called me a liar, reckless, uninformed, etc. Now we are up to recommending four shots for people over 50 or younger if you have a compromised immune system.

So this morning there is a picture of Biden getting his fourth shot. The person giving the shot is administering it halfway between his elbow and his shoulder. I received two shots so I could visit my mom and they had to be given in the solid muscle near the shoulder bone.

I'm guessing they are really not giving him the real Pfizer vaccine.

If they are, does that mean he is one of the people that are in ill health and should definitely get the booster?

Hospital numbers have been plummeting in Montana with only about 55 percent vaccinated according to the Montana Free Press. Plus mask mandates have been lifted in all 50 states. Maybe herd immunity is having a bigger impact on wiping out this thing than previously thought.

I've never heard of anything where 4 shots were needed within a year to work.

Talk to your doctor first before listening to some politician, a county health director, or even some radio guy. They'll know what's best for each of you.

And, we stand for Emily...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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