They attacked the Red Rooster in Hamilton, and now they're eating crow. Or they should be at least.

The Red Rooster Artisan Bakery in Hamilton, Montana got attacked by someone who visited their bakery, and didn't like the fact that the people inside the business CHOSE not to wear masks. So they left a nastygram threatening to boycott the bakery. They ended the letter by saying, "F&%$ Trump."

(*Language warning below)

Credit Red Rooster Artisan Bakery
Credit Red Rooster Artisan Bakery


Apparently the boycott isn't going so well. The Red Rooster has instead received an outpouring of support from across the state. They added this note on their Facebook page:

A special thank you to the woman who called (from out of state) first thing this morning, and paid for several random folks lunch today to show her support of our business!!


On Saturday they thanked their followers for "so much love" over the weekend, and noted that "some folks are driving HOURS just to support us!!"

So how did they respond to the nastygram left on their door? Here's the epic response in full:

To the folks who sent this wonderful letter.....
First and Foremost, we will reiterate~ RED ROOSTER IS NOT ANTI MASK, Red Rooster simply respects and upholds the right of each individual to choose to mask or not to mask. Just as we respect your right to choose where you will and where you will not dine.
Secondly, if you are educated as you say, you would understand this is a *MANDATE, not a *LAW (the governor’s office themselves will give you this information* )
Thirdly, our local Sheriff and Health Officials are fully aware we support each persons right of choice. (We support law enforcement 💯 but that might bug ya too)
Fourth, we have had employees who mask and we fully support them, just as we support those who do not.
Fifth, we welcome each and every individual no matter your political stance, religious views, race, or gender.
Lastly for all the folks boycotting our business, there are 100’s more supporting.
IN SHORT, OUR BUSINESS IS THRIVING and we prefer not to have hate in our thank you for staying away ❤️
Ps... my baby chewed up the letter and the dog took it from there, so it’s all gone now ✍🏼

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