This painting certainly popped out at me when I first saw it on social media. We love horses here in Montana, that's a given. But the colors and the imagery also stood out.

Jessica Allestad is a great singer here in Montana who has joined us on Montana Talks and also on Cat Country in Billings LIVE in studio. Turns out she is also a great painter. Here's the story behind this one, as Allestad shared on Facebook.

Jessica Allestad: I have been mulling over this painting for weeks trying to figure out its name. The purpose was pretty clear to me early on. Somehow I knew it was intended to connect with veterans in some way. Yet after studying it for hours, analyzing the colors, the number of color blocks, and even the shapes to find some inspiration for a title.... I still had absolutely no ideas for a name.

So she decided to enlist the help of her United States Marine Corps boyfriend, who has now served nearly 20 years on active duty in the Marines.

He noticed very early on while looking at the painting that every color representing every branch of the US Armed Forces was represented in the painting.

As a result, she decided to name the painting "22" in honor of veterans lost to suicide. She also plans on selling the painting and donating the proceeds to Dog Tag Buddies and Horses Spirits Healing.

Check out more of the backstory below, and also find out how you can make a bid on the painting and support some great veterans organizations.

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