The radical Left is targeting a Montana sheriff for his pro-Constitution views.

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter recently announced that he was leaving the Democrat Party due to their extreme positions. As a result, he is now being targeted by a Left-wing hate group in Montana known as the Montana Human Rights Network.

Make no mistake, the MHRN is a radical Left-wing anti-Christian, and apparently anti-law enforcement, hate group that operates in Montana. As Sheriff Slaughter first told us on the radio on Monday, the MHRN is attacking him in a Tuesday night webinar.

Sheriff Slaughter: We are simply servants to the people. We do what the people say. We work for the people- they're our boss. And because I have that attitude, because I will empower the people. If the government becomes overreaching like they did during COVID, the answer to that is for government then to empower the people, not for government to get bigger, not for government to get more out of control. I find it ironic that they're actually going to host a webinar about me because of this issue, I guess, in some ways, I guess it's a badge of honor.

Full audio:

By the way, Sheriff Jesse Slaughter will be the keynote speaker at a big banquet in Missoula Saturday night for the Montana Shooting Sports Association. I'll be the emcee for the event that will also feature Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT). Hope to see you there.

MSSA: Tickets for the dinner event are $75 per person and can be purchased
at There will be three menu options for the
dinner including Beef, Chicken, or Fish. To purchase a table of 10
seats or to become a sponsor for the event contact

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