Design, quality and performance make a difference! Here's what sets apart the Jacuzzi brand, according to its website:


Jacuzzi hot tubs set the industry standard with a low-pressure hydromassage using exclusive adjustable PowerPro jets with Aqualibrium, the best mix of air and water.

When you're shopping, remember: More jets doesn't mean a better massage. You need the right jets with the right placement. Jacuzzi hot tubs feature jets that cover the full neck and back areas and target the small muscles of the legs and feet for a full-body hydromassage.

Ergonomic Seating

Jacuzzi hot tub seat and headrest not only follow the contours of your body, but they also maximize the benefits of your premium hydromassage.


Reliability is part of every Jacuzzi hot tub: They have more than 250 quality checks and each part is engineered with the best materials.

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