Lee Strobel has authored 39 books, and is widely known for authoring "The Case for Christ." The former atheist turned Christian has worked as a journalist and as a lawyer and wanted to prove the case in support of atheism, but ended up becoming a Christian instead.

He is now the Director of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University and will be headlining the Big Sky Worldview Forum in Billings, Montana this weekend.

I spoke with Strobel on Monday about the upcoming event and what the two day forum will focus on.


Strobel: Number one, we have a defensible faith. I'm going to talk about the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus...I'm going to talk about the Gospels, and why it is- I believe- that we can trust them as having fairly and accurately reported the essential elements of Jesus teachings, life, death, and resurrection. I'll be talking about the scientific evidence for the faith from cosmology and the fine tuning of the universe and the information that's found in every cell and DNA, and how that case points persuasively toward a creator, and not toward a NEO Darwinism as an explainer for the origin and diversity of life. So I think people will walk away more confident in their faith, if they're Christian. If they're a spiritual seeker, and just curious about faith, I hope this is a turning point in their investigation. I hope it encourages them to go deeper and to investigate these issues in a continuing way.

I also asked him why it seems a Christian nation is now seemingly growing hostile to people of faith- especially Christians and Jews.

Strobel: Nowadays, just 49% of millennials consider themselves Christians. And general indifference to religion is rising as well. Nearly one in three Americans under the age of 35 are religiously unaffiliated. One study shows that 35 million young people raised in Christian families are projected to leave the faith by the year 2050. And a lot of the reason, according to Nancy Pearcey, who's written and researched on this area, is that they have unanswered questions and doubts. They're not sure that it's true. And so as a result, we've got more young people leaving the faith after high school than ever in history, we have 64% dropping out of church between the ages of 18 and 29. So there's a secularism that's taking hold.


For tickets to the event featuring Lee Strobel, go to www.BigSkyWorldview.org.

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