I gotta send a shout out to Mrs. Winchell and her 4th grade class at Lincoln Elementary in Glendive, Montana.

We had a great lineup on the show Friday live from Glendive and the Glendive Agri Trade Expo: Bernie Evans with Montana Farm Bureau, Bill Bullard with R-CALF USA, Dawson County Commissioner Joe Sharbono, State Sen. Steve Hinebauch (R-Wibaux), Jerry Schillinger, Ed Haugen, and local 4H and FFA leaders all joined us on the show. We also got to chat industrial hemp with the keynote speaker brought in from Colorado. And of course we snagged a hot beef sandwich thanks to the Cowbelles at the Eastern Plains Event Center.

But I think the big highlight for me was getting to catch up with so many great listeners to our statewide radio show Montana Talks- especially Mrs. Jasmin Winchell. Jasmin teaches 4th grade at Lincoln Elementary and spends her summers putting in time on the ranch.

Here's what Jasmin shared on Facebook after the GATE show on Friday:

I have always loved listening to Aaron Flint on VOM and now Montana Talks. I’ve never called in to the show, but have emailed. I love how he supports Montanans and sheds light on important discussions. I heard he was going to be at GATE today, so I asked my mom to get his autograph for me.
Next thing I know, he is in my classroom surprising me!! It was the coolest thing that has ever happened. Everyone should listen to him on Montana Talks. It’ll be the best hour of your day.


Thanks to Jasmin and all of the great teachers out there. And if you think millennials aren't hard working- you haven't met the Winchell family.

Credit Jasmin Winchell
Credit Jasmin Winchell



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