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United States Senator Ted Cruz isn't hiding who he supports in the Republican primary for Governor. During an event Wednesday night, Cruz officially came out in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott for reelection.

Abbott is seeking reelection in 2022 and faces a primary challenge from at least three different opponents. Former State Senator from Dallas, Don Huffines, former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West, and Chad Prather have all lined up to take on Abbott who is the favorite to win the primary.

The endorsement from Cruz came at an unlikely venue, a town hall event for the True Texas Project. According to the Texas Tribune, the True Texas Project used to be known as the NE Tarrant Tea Party. During the town hall, some one in the audience told Cruz that the crowd and organization was in favor of "anyone but Abbott" and asked Cruz if he would commit to endorsing someone other than Abbott for reelection.

The crowd mainly boo'd Cruz, though there was some clapping heard, when he endorsed the Governor for reelection. Cruz told the crowd that Abbott had taken a leap of faith when Abbott hired Cruz to be solicitor general and that Abbot had been standing by his side during Cruz's campaigns. Cruz told the audience he would be a "disloyal jackass" if he didn't vote for Abbott. According to the Texas Tribune, Cruz said he supports a healthy primary.

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