If you plan on voting in the November elections here in Montana, or if you've already received your ballot in the mail- you might be wondering how to vote on LR-131, "The Born Alive Infant Protection Act." 

The legislative referendum basically says that if a baby is born alive, even after a botched abortion, that the baby should receive care. You may have noticed several news articles on the topic by left-leaning media outlets here in Montana.

Here's what I find interesting- not one of those outlets interviewed an actual abortion survivor. Here's another side of the story, as we spoke with Robin Sertell, an abortion survivor who now lives here in Montana and is the education coordinator for the Abortion Survivors Network.

Sertell: It is a ban on infanticide. You know, last year I testified before the senate and the house in Virginia for their born alive bill, and I asked them: if a baby survives abortion and is born alive and is then killed,is that an abortion or is that infanticide? Think about that. That's what this bill is here to to address today,and as we look at LR 131 and we see it's on the ballot and the general voting public doesn't know what it is because they don't know babies survive abortions.

Robin also authored a book called "Miracles Happen in the Wilderness." Find out more on her website RobinSertell.com.

Here's the full audio with abortion survivor Robin Sertell in Hamilton, Montana:

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