MADRID — Spanish regions are resorting back to curfews, caps on socialization and nightlife curbs to contain a sharp rise in coronavirus contagion as the fast-spreading delta variant infects mostly the unvaccinated youth.

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Catalonia and Valencia, the two regions in the Mediterranean coast with major virus outbreaks, are limiting social gatherings to 10 people and bringing back late night curbs on all activities, while the northern Asturias region on Monday banned bar and restaurant activity indoors.

Propelled by parties to mark the end of the school year and the first summer celebrations, the two-week COVID-19 caseload is currently over three times higher among residents under 30 than the average among the total population.

The closely watched variable rose nationally on Monday to 368 cases per 100,000 residents according to Fernando Simón, who coordinates Spain’s response to health emergencies.

Simón said that although younger patients typically don’t need intensive care treatment, the high number of cases among those under 30 was slowly pushing up the rate of hospital admissions.

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