Montana is expecting a revenue surplus this biennium and a debate is currently underway as to where that money should go. Governor Bullock wants to send out a 400 dollar rebate to property owners. Senator Art Wittich from Gallatin county is pushing for something more permanent.

"Senate Bill 170 would reduce the Montana income tax from 6.9 percent to 5.9 percent," explains Wittich. "About half the people in Montana work and pay income taxes everybody who works and pays income tax should get a reduction in their rate so that it's permanent tax relief instead of a one time rebate."

Art Wittich:

The bill had its first hearing before the legislative tax committee on Wednesday, Jan 30, where it received vocal opposition because it also proposes an increase in the corporate income tax. After the hearing Wittich said the tax increase will probably be removed from the bill and that he would not oppose its removal.

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