YouTube user Zane Riley liked the line- "quarantine, quarantine, drinking whiskey like vaccine." Keep the tune going and you'll hear my favorite line- "any chance that you might have an extra AR-15?"

I've interviewed lots of interesting guests talking news and politics on the radio here in Montana, but two of the coolest guys I've gotten to interview on the radio are Black Rifle Coffee Company's Mat Best, and Butte, Montana's Tim Montana.

They're both teaming up in a brand new music video called "Quarantine." The song is not only a hilarious take on the coronavirus quarantine hitting the country, it's also a great tribute to our health care workers.

Mat Best:

In the wake of the Quarantine, we decided to write a song to bring awareness and to support our health care professionals. Well, maybe have a little fun too!

Tim Montana:

Shout out to the health care workers! We had a lot of fun making this. Stay home and wash them damn hands!"


Check out the full video below:

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