Are you ready for more power outages? My power was out again on Sunday and it had something to do with a transmission line problem. Stuff like that just happens -- but what is a nation going to do without electricity?

The recent move to try and turn the United States into a one-energy nation will leave us so vulnerable in so many ways. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington and their liberal senator Patty Murray wants to destroy four huge hydroelectric dams in order to help the salmon navigate.

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Ok, and replace it with what?

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We use, or used to use, so many other sources of energy to provide the juice to run a nation. Not anymore, renewable is a good supplement to the grid but in no way can we have that as our only energy source. We will become helpless with outages everywhere.

States who are exporters of electricity should make sure their states have what they need first. The state of Washington destroys their own generating capability and then wants us to send them ours. Forget it.

When a nation destroys its own ability to provide itself with the energy, you'll be held hostage forever by those who do. Look no further than the current gas prices and us now begging other nations to send us more crude oil. I guess foreign oil doesn't change the weather like U.S crude.

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Get ready to sweat folks, the power outages are coming your way soon. We know one thing for sure people would rather sweat than give up charging their cell phones or computer time.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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