I've often joked on the radio show that I'm a town kid- I grew up in town, but always enjoyed any time I got to spend on a ranch. The cool cowboys in my family are my cousins who grew up and still ranch in Eastern Montana.

One of the great things about ranchers in particular is that they say it like it is. That's exactly what one of my cousins did in the below piece that he wrote up and is allowing me to share with you.

Check out the following piece written by my cowboy cousin Logan Eayrs.

People Still Get Sick

            In the beginning we locked ourselves in our homes, stopped all travel, and glued our eyes to the television and other devices while waiting for this to pass. People still got sick.

We secluded ourselves and stayed distanced from each other. People still got sick.

We canceled family functions, church, civic gatherings, sporting events and all other social activities. People still got sick.

We shut down schools, hospitals, local and state governments. People still got sick.

We restricted travel, commerce, live entertainment, and person to person services. People still got sick.

We locked the elderly up like criminals and released criminals for health reasons. People still got sick.

We forced single masks then double masks upon the old and the young and all of those in between. People still got sick.

We told the masses what drugs worked and didn’t work. People still got sick.

We deprived children contact with friends and teachers and for many, denied them one or two healthy meals per day by keeping them out of school. People still got sick.

We have started telling military members, doctors, nurses, office workers, state and federal employees, truck drivers and many more that they can no longer pursue their careers. People still get sick.

We fire brave Americans and rely more on China, which at best, let this virus spread by not informing the world and at worst, created it with help from us.

We have idly stood by and watched as we push ourselves deeper and deeper into debt for programs that are supposed to help end the pandemic when all it is doing is putting unimaginable hardships on the backs of generations to come. People still get sick.

We tell people what they can and can’t watch, listen to, consume, and participate in. People still get sick.

We pick who people can interact, acquaint, and spend time with. People still get sick.

We have blindly followed both elected and non-elected leaders as they prescribe to us the “flavor of the month” solution to our current manmade crisis.  People still get sick.

We need to open our eyes. None of this has worked. People still get sick.

End the madness! End the mandates!


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