Over the next few days leading up to the New Year, I'll be sharing our top 10 stories from 2020. (Here's the full list for 2019) These are our top 10 stories based on local unique visitors from right here in Montana.

Coming in at number 10 is a story about COVID-19 antibody testing from back in May featuring Valley Medical Services in Kalispell.

By the way, COVID antibody testing is still a hot topic. When Kyle Austin with Pharm406 joined us on the show from Billings, and mentioned that he is offered rapid COVID-19 antibody tests, we had several callers wanting to know where they could get antibody tests done across the state.



We had a couple callers on our statewide radio show last week who told us that they know people who were very sick last December, and they want to know if they already had the coronavirus and just didn't know it.

That led to an interesting conversation on antibody testing, and another caller wondered how we would go about getting an antibody test here in Montana.

Shortly after the show I got a note from Matt Desch with Bee Broadcasting Kalispell. The person to talk to is Katie Foultner with Valley Medical Services in Kalispell, he told me. Later in the week we were able to catch up with Foultner.

Foultner tells us that they have antibody tests available for anyone who wants one. Patients can call and schedule an appointment for a standard blood draw. The tests cost $175, but they are being told that it should be a reimbursable expense by the insurance companies. Results are typically given within a few days.

Foultner tells us that their test includes both the IgM and IgG antibodies. She says it is important that they test for both antibodies:

FOULTNER: The IgM antibody shows recent or even possible current infection, where the IgG antibody shows past infection, so we're able to identofy where people are in the possible infection process.

She also tells us that the laboratory they work with uses a targeted advanced molecule for COVID-19, so they can differentiate between COVID-19 compared to another coronavirus.

Check out the full interview with Katie Foultner from Valley Medical Services below.


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