Here we go again. We're less than two weeks until the presidential inauguration, and the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) patients in Congress want to try and impeach President Trump AGAIN.

As The Daily Wire reported over the weekend:

As of Sunday afternoon, 210 Democrats have agreed to co-sponsor the charge. Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), a co-author of the impeachment charge, said the Democrats will introduce the Article of Impeachment against Trump on Monday, but only vote to impeach him should Pence and the president’s cabinet decline to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would make Pence the acting-president of the United States.

Congressional Democrats are seizing on the violence at the US Capitol last week to call for impeachment charges against the president. Yes, these are the same Congressional Democrats who failed to adequately stand up to mob violence that has been plaguing American cities for nearly the past year.

They're also the same Congressional Democrats who "killed a resolution aimed at curbing mob violence," according to The Federalist. "The bill, which was spearheaded by Utah Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, came about after an unarmed Utah man was murdered by a mob of left-wing activists. At least 30 people, ranging in age from 14-77, were killed in largely left-wing riots in summer 2020."

Former University of Montana law professor Rob Natelson says there is absolutely no Constitutional rationale for a 2nd impeachment attempt against President Trump. Natelson is now a senior fellow in constitutional jurisprudence at the Independence Institute in Denver. He authored a column in The Epoch Times. Here's an excerpt:

The Constitution permits impeachment and removal of the president for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” There’s no reasonable claim that Trump’s speech, which largely focused on disputed, but credible, claims of election irregularities, was treasonous or involved a bribe. And in the absence of proof of deliberate incitement to riot, it wasn’t a “high Crime.”

Click here for the full column.

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