The US Army Corps of Engineers is planning to cut the water flow rates from Fort Peck Dam in half, causing potential damage to the sugar beet harvest in Montana. AG Knudsen has requested they postpone that action one month, to prevent the damage.

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AG Knudsen sent a letter to Colonel Mark Himes, Commander and Engineer for the Omaha District, explaining how the decision to cut flow rates from 8,000 cubic feet per second to 4,000 cubic feet per second by the 17th of September comes at a terrible time for sugar beet production in Northeastern Montana... and all Americans.

If USACE moves forward with this decision, it will detrimentally impact sugar beet farmers who rely on the Missouri River to irrigate their crops and will harm the rural communities that depend on this agricultural commodity.

The Attorney General also had this to say in that letter:

At a time when American consumers are already facing runaway inflation, the USACE’s decision to dry out one of Montana’s largest agricultural products will require Americans to pay even higher prices at the grocery store or force American food manufactures to consider importing sugar beets from places like Russia. Neither option is acceptable.

Sugar Beets require mass amounts of water during this state of development, and cutting off farmer access to irrigation now threatens the success of crops for our Montana farmers.

Harvest for Sugar Beets typically starts at the end of September/start of October, and usually continues into November or later.

AG Knudsen has stated that if the US Army Corps of Engineers cannot accommodate the request for the one-month postponement, he will host a public meeting to give stakeholders the ability to express their concerns about the planned flow rate reductions.

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If you'd like to view the letter direct from the AG, click the button below.

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