History can be an amazing thing. Learning about your local history can be one of those things to help you in your present and future.

What happens if that history comes back to haunt you? Literally.

There are stories that have been told from long ago right here in Montana.

Each is enough to give you nightmares, especially if you are one of those to experience them.

This is our own local friend. Moss Mansion was owned by P.B. Moss when his daughter Virginia died at age 5 of diphtheria. It is said that she still haunts the mansion to this day.

The first known sighting was in 1889 and lots of people say they have seen it since then. They claim it is much like the Loch Ness Monster.

Another local landmark. It is said that after smallpox nearly wiped out a tribe, two young warriors rode a horse off this cliff to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their people. An amazing story of greater love.

Rumor has it that a hitchhiker was hit and killed by a car years ago on this stretch of road. The problem is, he still wants a ride. People have reported a person jumping on their vehicles when driving here. When they pull over to check, there is no person and no damage.

In 1875 there was a complete massacre of the 7th U.S. Cavalry. None of them survived and they are buried on site. Some say you can hear yelling and screams when visiting. Others claim to have recordings of this.

Have you ever heard any of these yells or screams or had any personal sightings?

What other stories have you heard?

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