As I told you earlier, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) was one of the first Republicans in Congress to call for the ouster of Liz Cheney from her leadership role. So, how did Montana's lone member of the US House react to the news that Liz Cheney has now been ousted from Congress by the people of Wyoming?

Rep. Rosendale: I think the people from Wyoming spoke very clearly about what they expect out of their representation, which is exactly what the Republican Conference did last year when we were able to get Liz Cheney to step down as the conference chair.

Rosendale and Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs were the first to press for Cheney's ouster from the House Republican Conference. He says Cheney should now step down from her position in Congress so the people of Wyoming can have representation.

Rep. Rosendale: She needs to step down and then allow the people from Wyoming to make their decisions about who they want to represent them. She has been obsessed with Trump possibly running for president again like I've never seen, and this is her goal in life. We saw the closing commercial from her father saying that the only thing that Liz Cheney needs to do is make sure that Donald Trump does not run for president again. Well that is not a justification to be reelected to the United States Congress. I don't think, and apparently the people of Wyoming don't believe so either.

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