Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) took a brief break on Capitol Hill to join us on the radio earlier this week. We talked about two big issues in the news, his effort to block COVID-19 "vaccine passports" at the federal level, and his first-hand look at the security and economic challenges on our Northern border.

That's right, we are having problems on our Northern border directly related to the Southern border crisis. Back on April 6, Congressman Rosendale did a tour of the Sweetgrass Port of Entry, which is our largest port of entry in Montana. (Photo above)

He also met with Hi Line business leaders who told him about declines in business from 30-50% due to the flow of legal traffic that is not allowed across our Northern border due to COVID-19 restrictions. Meanwhile, COVID-19 and seemingly everything else is flowing across our Southern border, and our Northern border is losing critical assets for border security.

ROSENDALE: So we've opened up the Southern border. We allow people without COVID testing to come in. We're actually transporting them to the interior of the country once they get there. We're releasing upwards of 200,000 people a month- illegal immigrants into the country. Meanwhile, on the Northern border, where we have people coming in, or would like to come in legally to transact business with our communities, we're shutting it down. It's unbelievable.

Rosendale also talked about his bill to block COVID-19 "vaccine passports":

ROSENDALE: This is all about control. We see this time and time again, Aaron, whether you're talking about vaccine passports or whether you're talking about gun control, they don't want to control crime. They want to control the population. This is the democrats focus and their effort and everything that they are doing always is about controlling the population and is a big problem.

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Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) earlier this week signed a ban on COVID-19 "vaccine passports" for government entities and private businesses.

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