Missoula Police arrested 23-year-old Dustin Bushell early Tuesday morning after a report came in that he had tried to sell stolen bicycles out of a truck. Missoula Police Public information officer Travis Welsh says, it appears the truck was stolen too.

"He was discovered sleeping in a pickup truck that was previously reported stolen, also contained in the bed of the pickup truck inside a canopy, where three bicycles, two of which were confirmed to have been reported stolen and the third's status is still unknown."

Oddly, Bushell received a misdemeanor charge for stealing the truck a felony for stealing the bikes.

"There are misdemeanors associated with this arrest, for example the pickup that was stolen, the value of it did not exceed the felony amount, so that is considered a misdemeanor, however the bikes were valuable enough that their combined total exceed the felony amount."

The value of property stolen in a felony theft case must be over $1,500. Bushell also received two other misdemeanor charges after marijuana was found in the truck with drug paraphernalia

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