Missoula County Public Schools are still dealing with a complaint of gender discrimination for allegedly not supporting Sentinel High School's softball team. Superintendent Mark Thane says one of the complaints came from a lack of water.

“There is not water available at the softball fields and the student or the coach had to actually provide water and haul it in, that is true for many of the activates at Sentinel,” said Thane. “We don’t have water to those Sentinel fields. Whether it is the football team practicing, the boys or girls soccer teams, the tennis teams, or the softball team, all of them haul their own water out there.”

The complaint was originally filed with the Montana High School Association. Thane says they have not received the written report yet, but his understanding verbally is that the complaint is considered to be without merit.

“The Office of Civil Rights received the same complaints and they have a very thorough investigative process that will take months,” Thane said. “I am really confident that we are going to come out of it ok. It may cause us to look at procedures and that is perfectly fine. We are certainly open to some constructive criticism if necessary.”

According to Thane, the complaint was referenced as gender bias, but he says it is really about overall support.

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