In April of 2015, Walter Hill was found guilty of promoting prostitution after he admitted to advertising a 17-year-old Missoula girl for sex on Hill had a 10 year sentence, but all ten years were suspended and he was let back out in public… that is until he was caught again last Friday, August 11. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"It was about noon, out at the fairgrounds when probation officers arrested 48-year-old Walter Leon Hill, who was on probation for Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs and Promoting Prostitution," Welsh said. "Mr. Hill was observed in conditions that violated his probation and probation officers along with the Missoula Police Department took him into custody."

It appears Mr. Hill was caught using a cellphone, which is a probation violation, but it was what police found on him after a deeper search that brought new charges.

"A short time later the probation officers found that Mr. Hill possessed a substance that later tested positive for Methamphetamine, so he is looking at a new charge today of Possession With Intent to Distribute," Welsh said.

Even though the girl in the original case was only 17, Hill was never charged with Sexual Exploitation of Children because he accepted a plea bargain. Hill only served 574 days in prison after his first conviction, but a parole violation and added drug charges could lead to a much longer stay this time.

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