There were a lot of problems with him getting on the ballot.

The Billings Gazette is reporting that Kanye West has failed to quailfy to be added as a presidential nominee on the Montana ballot.

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The Secretary of State's office announced that only a little over 3,900 signatures out of the 8,800 that were turned in were deemed valid. Kanye West would have needed 5,000 to qualify as an independent choice.

According to the Gazette, there were a few problems with the petition. Including was the fact, no one knew who was behind the petition and apparently one of the signature gatherers said that West was paying people to sign the petition.

One of the weirdest aspects of the petitions is that nearly of the signatures came from Yellowstone County. 3,400 signatures where validated but over 4,200 signatures were rejected.

This is interesting to read about because Kanye West has been pushing to get on several presidential ballots across the country with not much luck.

Kanye West's effort to get on states ballots for the presidential election has also been through some scandal with possible election fraud. The reason being is that in several states and now Montana, all of his petitions to get him on the ballot has a huge amount of signatures that seemed forged or invalid.

That's a huge issue and there could be some ramifications coming very soon but as of right now Kanye West is still trying to get on several states ballots in the northwest including Wyoming where he owns a ranch.

For more details check out the Billings Gazette.


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