When you think of a vehicle that most of us are likely to drive- what do you think is the most expensive vehicle here in Montana? Here's one answer.

As I was typing up a story about the history of The Washington Redskins, I was reminded of a great quote by Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) on Fox News last week.

Senator Daines: "The most expensive vehicle that the American people drive right now is their shopping cart. They know the prices are up over 20% from where they were when President Biden first took office."

It was a VERY good point. How many of you are spending a crazy amount of money on groceries right now as a result of all of the inflation that Joe Biden and Jon Tester are causing with Bidenomics? If you have kids, it's likely way more than you're spending on  a car payment. And then gas is crazy expensive too from these green new deal energy policies.

I've been talking about inflation a lot in my off time as I have been doing a statewide tour of events paid for by Americans for Prosperity- Montana. We read a report by Bloomberg News recently that showed restaurant inflation alone is up 24% in the last 3 years. And we all know that the massive federal government spending is what really drove up inflation, as Dr. Pat Barkey from the University of Montana's Bureau of Business and Economic Research reported a while back.

We got some other eye opening inflation numbers during a Montana roundtable discussion. Read more on that story by clicking here.

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Gallery Credit: Sophia Crisafulli

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