Be very careful when you're scrolling through the news and reading these anti-Colstrip narratives. Don't fall for the fake news, false narrative.

This is something you have to watch out for with any news stories. Sometimes the news story may be OK, but the headline pushes a fake news narrative.

I saw a good example of this Wednesday morning. It was this KTVQ-TV headline: "Health officials applaud new EPA rule that would limit emissions at Colstrip."

Wait a minute, these outrageous new rules backed by Biden's EPA would SHUT DOWN Colstrip, Montana and the union jobs that come with the coal-fired power plant. Which "health officials" are backing these regulations here in Montana? Turns out there weren't any "health officials" backing these regs, at least none that were quoted in the story.

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Who WAS quoted in the story was ONE doctor from Billings Clinic (and I imagine he is definitely NOT speaking on behalf of Billings Clinic). During a quick commercial break, I walked quickly down the hall to fill my coffee cup. I wonder who this doctor is, I asked myself. Within about 30 seconds before I came out of the commercial break I did a quick search on Open Secrets and quickly came up with the answer.
Turns out this doctor is a big time Democrat party donor. He donated to several Democrat campaigns here in Montana, including Senator Jon Tester's campaign. BIG surprise that a doctor attacking Colstrip also supports Jon Tester, right? He's basically a mouthpiece for the radical MEIC dark money environmental group.

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