Lately, Billings residents have reported to the City of Billings Public Works Department they received a fake phone call from people claiming to be with the Billings Public Works Department.

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What do they want?

Your money, of course. These scammers tell you to make a payment via credit card over the phone to avoid payment interruption. The scary part here is the actual call itself. They have closely mimicked the Public Works disconnection process, which also contacts customers by phone. Thus, making this scam harder than usual to spot.

What is being done about this?

Billings Public Works are now encouraging customers who have received a disconnection call to hang up, and call back to speak with someone, and verify if the call was legitimate or not.

Customers are also being highly encouraged to use the WaterSmart or InvoiceCloud portals on the Public Works website, or visit the utility service center at 2251 Belknap Avenue to make a payment (or verify the authenticity of the call).

Prevent Scams like this in the future

The best way to prevent becoming a victim of this scam is simply to do all your transactions by calling Public Works directly, using their apps, or visiting their location in person.

Remember, don't share any personal information by phone. It isn't the "good ol' days" anymore, and people are extremely likely to try conning you out of your money.

If you ever have questions on scams or want to keep updated on the latest scams, check out this great site from AARP

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