"Hoax highways?" That's how the Montana Wilderness Association, a radical environmental group, is describing trails and roads in Western Montana, as they work to shut down access to public lands.

We wanted to get a Northwest Montana take on Montana's legislative session, so we got a great update from State Rep. Steve Gunderson (R-Libby). We talked to Gunderson about a whole host of topics from mining, to timber, and wildlife management. But we also wanted to get his take on a recent message from the Montana Wilderness Association where they referred to access roads and trails as "hoax highways."

WildMontana.org featured the legislative update from MWA, as they attacked a bill introduced by Rep. Gunderson. Their update read, in part:

These “hoax highways” are not roads in any real sense - they’re overgrown cowpaths, forgotten two-tracks, and long-disused paths, some dating as far back as 1866. They don’t lead to schools, hospitals, or workplaces, and they often run through Wilderness or other protected areas.

"Forgotten two-tracks." Imagine how the Public Land/Water Access Association folks would respond if that's how their effort to maintain access to roads and trails through private land were described.

Check out our full conversation with Rep Gunderson in our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" below. We also got an Eastern Montana perspective on Montana's legislative session from State Sen. Steve Hinebauch (R-Glendive). Sen. Hinebauch also happens to be the chairman of the state senate's fish and game committee.

Check out both conversations by clicking below.

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