Their name alone conjures up images of an intimidating and challenging climb for hikers at any experience level.

Montana Search and Rescue teams continue their search for a young woman who went missing in the Beartooth Mountains north of Yellowstone Park. She is considered an experienced climber. But the days since there was any contact are mounting.

The last contact received from 23-year-old Tatum Morell was by her mother via a satellite communicator this past Thursday, July 1. More ominous is Search and Rescue's discovery of Tatum's tent and campsite on Monday evening. Based on the account from her mother in Ketchum, Idaho, authorities believe she left Friday morning to summit a peak and didn't return to the campsite. Red Lodge Fire and Rescue officials say they've been unable to get a signal from the satellite device or from Tatum Morell's cellphone.

One other unrelated Montana news note: In what is a reflection of extremely hot and dry weather conditions in the state, The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared a drought disaster in 15 more Montana counties. That brings the number to 31 out of 56  counties in a declared disaster. The declaration makes farms eligible for emergency loans and other federal assistance. That occurred yesterday (Tuesday) after Governor Greg Gianforte declared a statewide drought emergency and requested that the Department of Agriculture declare a federal emergency in the entire state.

How dry are we? According to data from last week, more than 92% of Montana is experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

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