Montana is a great state for road trips. Not only is the scenery so amazing everywhere you look. But, each community you pass thru, regardless of size, has it's quirks. Take a place like Clearwater Junction for example. Nearly all of us have driven by the iconic "MTCow" on Highway 200. It is probably one of the most recognizable roadside landmarks in Montana. And, for some Montanans, it is the only way they can properly give directions to folks driving MT 200 or Hwy 83. "Just look for the giant cow, you can't miss it."

Well, as we reported earlier this summer, the iconic cow went missing. People didn't know what happened to it. The internet was blowing up with possible reasons it had disappeared.  But, after some investigation, we discovered that the cow had simply been taken to Town and Country Auto Body in Missoula, for some much needed TLC.

According to

The owner of Clearwater Stop N Go, where the cow sits, wanted to give the steer a fresh, new look for 2021's Independence Day celebration.

They had to reattach a horn, fix the tail and patch 32 bullet holes in the body, all on top of giving it a fresh coat of paint, 70's style.

32 BULLET HOLES? Wow! When did anyone think that shooting a giant cow statue was a good idea?

Regardless, we can all rest easy knowing that the iconic cow is back in it's rightful place. And, thanks to Town and Country Auto Body, looking better than ever.


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