You've seen the articles on Facebook, people pairing their Girl Scout cookies with wine.  Well, that's all fine and good if you're a wine fan, but what about those of us that love beer? I started doing this last year when I saw an article about wine and Girl Scout cookies.

My favorite cookie is the Trefoils. I'm a simple girl, the buttery cookie is for me.  I know everyone has his or her favorite and I'm not here to debate the cookie.  I want to know if I'm the only one that pairs them with beer.

Since my fav is the Trefoils,, I would choose to pair them with these local brews.  Which one gets your vote?

  • Trefoils and Uberbrew's -  White Noise Hefeweizen
  • Trefoils and Angry Hanks -  Anger Management Belgian Wheat
  • Trefoils and Montana Brewing Company - Sharptail Pale Ale


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