Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte has sided with fellow republicans in the U.S. House to pass to bills concerning the countries immigration policy.

The first bill is  H.R. 3003 - No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, which will impact states and cities that have enacted 'sanctuary' status towards undocumented immigrants by making it harder for those municipalities to receive grant funds from the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

The other bill is H.R. 3004 - Kate's Law, which enhances penalties for deported felons that return to the U.S.

Gianforte explained his support for the bills by saying they would add protections for local communities:

“Tragically, some state and local governments have chosen to ignore existing federal immigration laws. By refusing to enforce existing immigration laws, these sanctuary cities shelter violent, unlawful immigrants and jeopardize public safety. These sanctuary jurisdictions should enforce existing immigration laws and protect their citizens, not criminal elements. These bills will crack down on sanctuary cities, enhance penalties for criminal aliens who reenter the United States, and protect our communities from preventable crimes.”

Both bills will still need to be considered and passed in the U.S. Senate, President Donald Trump has already signaled his support for both bills.



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