The Associated Press reported Florida governor Ron DeSantis is awarding and declaring by proclamation Florida-born Emma Weyant the winner of the women's 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA's tournament, rather than transgender Lia Thomas.

He said allowing men to compete in women's sports will destroy the opportunities for women athletes. He's right.

So here is the question: Will they just allow that to happen after all the success of the Title nine program and the elevation of women's athletics?

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This could change completely the complexion of women's athletics not to mention deny girls' scholarship opportunities and places on Olympic teams and professional sports teams.

The NCAA conducts drug testing to make sure their female athletes are not taking any hormones or steroids that would give them male characteristics that would give them a clear advantage in competition.

So why would they let a physical male whose hormones and strength come from male genetics compete as a female?

They do have a problem though because they have already let women compete on the male college teams like football and wrestling. It's not a real common occurrence yet, but it will be as soon as the decision is made on males being allowed to compete regularly on female sports teams.

Swimming is already a sport that has male and female teams anyway so there is an opportunity to compete. But some don't, especially at the high school level and that also will be coming down the road.

Is there ever going to be anything anymore where it's ok to have guys only or girls only? Look what happened to the Boy Scouts.

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